Iteration 1


Generes: Punk, Powerviolence, Italo house

FFO: pasta, Italy, abbreviations

Feral Faucet

Genres: Punk, 80's cover bands composed of janitors, Folk Punk

FFO: plumbing, American actress Farrah Fawcett, possums in the garbage

Spindle City

Genres: Industrial, Folk bands that play in breweries, Gastonia, N.C. Hardcore

FFO: the textile industry, the roots of the American labor movement, spinstresses

My Time in Boston

Genres: Indie Rock, Celtic Punk, Boston cover bands

FFO: Boston, physical manifestations of chaos, the feeling of stubbing your toe on a brick

Shit Hitter

Genres: Hard Rock, Gastrointestinal-themed party bands, Show Tunes

FFO: the poop doctor, 1908's infamous "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" tune, cussin'