Iteration 3

Hard Parm

Generes: Italo House, Jazzcore, Sass

FFO: firm cheeses, abbreviations, a recurring joke among friends

Checkmate Atheists

Genres: Christian Hardcore, Christian Crunkcore, Christian Chess Simulator Sounds

FFO: board games with sayings, not-atheists, the digital reliquary known as the World Wide Web

Soft Shock

Genres: Post Punk Revival, Chillwave, Trip-hop

FFO: partners who never call the electrician even through they DEFINITELY should, pillows, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Genres: pretty much any "Metal" subgenre, Neofolk

FFO: power tools, the hypnotizing drone of lighting in the produce section of the grocery store, insects

Hack Defender

Genres: Wonky Pop, Berlin Techno, Blog House

FFO: playing a tank in TTRPGs, computers, hack frauds