Iteration 5

Clifford Spielberg

Generes: Old-Time, 12-Tone Serialist Composition, Children's Television Jingles

FFO: Jaws, post-WW1 exercices in atonality, 12-Tonne (lol) red dogs

Hot Dog Sunrise

Genres: Indietronica, Electro-pop, Tape Music

FFO: glizzies, staying up all day to see the sunset, 711s at 6AM


Genres: Metalcore, Rhymecore, Pepperfolk

FFO: A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked

Horny on Main

Genres: R'n'B, 80's inspired pop, barbershop quartet

FFO: strippers masquerading as a barbershop quartet, small-town America, rhinos

Music for Goths to Dance To

Genres: Darkwave, Death Rock, Martial Industrial

FFO: gas masks, neon lighting, Transformers